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Hi Guys! We just update in our gallery, all stills, and screen captures from Julia as Katie Herlihy in TV Minisseries The 60’s.


The events of the 1960s affect the lives of two families, one white and one black.


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TELEVISION SERIES > The 60’s (1999) > Stills

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TELEVISION SERIES > The 60’s (1999) > The 60’s | Part I

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TELEVISION SERIES > The 60’s (1999) > The 60’s | Part II


In the scene where Katie Herlihy (Julia Stiles) and her baby are walking through the Haight-Ashbury after she’s just quit her job at the strip club, the man she walks by prior to having her purse stolen is supposed to be Charles Manson.


Primetime Emmy Awards

Michael D. O’Shea –  1999 Nominee Primetime Emmy Outstanding Cinematography for a Miniseries or a Movie
For episode “Night 2”.
Lynda Obst – 1999 Nominee Primetime Emmy  Outstanding Miniseries
Lynda Obst (executive producer)Jim Chory – 1999 NomineePrimetime Emmy Outstanding Sound Mixing for a Miniseries or a Movie
Kenn Fuller (production mixer)Gary Coppola (re-recording mixer)Craig M. Otte (re-recording mixer)
For part I.

Source IMDB.

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